This is a Gallery Page designed to show the quality and a small sample of the range I have produced. I gratefully acknowledge that all of these images were produced using CorelDraw which I regard as a wonderful drawing program. Click on any of the images for a full size view. Note that so save on space, graphics are all in PNG format and may not display on older browsers. Despite this, some of the images are really quite big and this page may be slow to load.

To order your coat of arms in any of the forms below, visit WWW.ARALTAS.COM

Standard formats for bitmap graphics supplied to order order here

... and some variations

Other high resolution samples may be seen on the featured coats of arms pages and on the ARALTAS Roll of Arms

The graphics below show the layout I use for prints order here

Print with texture effect background / no frame

Print with texture effect background and frame

Double print with texture effect background and frame

I can also make a nice family name history print suitable for framing. I only do this for mainly Irish names where I can find reputable sources for the history (in other words, not the junk that is spit out from a computer database) order here

I can also make Scottish Clan Badges. Order in the normal way (graphic or print) and specify that you want a clan badge. These are NOT actual badges, but prints or graphics with a badge type layout.

With full tartan background

With partial tartan background

No tartan background

Because of the personal and custom nature of what I do, I am able to take on specials by request. Here are some examples.

Above, a full achievement of arms for a new commission

I only created the artwork - someone else did the actual tatooing

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